Pond Secure – 225 g


Product Name: Pond Secure – 225 g
  • Render municipal tap water safe for aquarium inhabitants.
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, harmful effects of toxic metallic ions.
  • Protects fish mucous membrane.
  • Reduces fish stress.
  • Enhances wellness of aquarium inhabitants including plants.
  • Render heavy rainfall and pollution safe for garden pond.
  • Promotes wellness of pond livestock.
Suitable for: Garden Pond
  • Initial pond set-up
  • During water change
  • After heavy rainfall
Item No: 64547 250-ml for up to 3785 liters / 1000 gallons of tap water
Item No: 64554 500-ml for up to 7571 liters / 2000 gallons of tap water
Item No: 64561 4-lit for up to 60,566 liters / 16,000 gallons of tap water
Item No: 64561 225-gm (granules) for up to 37,854 liters / 10,000 gallons of tap water

For 250-ml & 500-ml liquid, use 1 capful (5-ml) for every 76 liters/20 gallons of tap water

For 225-gm granules, use 1gm for every 168 liters / 44.4 gallons of tap water.

Guide Apply half dosage after every hour or heavy rainfall
Contains Vitamins, macro-elements, herbal extract.
Packaging Includes 1g dosing spoon and mixing vial for 225-gm size

Additional information

Weight 10090 g
Dimensions 20.32 x 15.24 x 10.16 cm


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