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The most conducive pH level for keeping majority of freshwater fish and plants is in the neutral range about 7. pH levels around 8.2 ~ 8.5 should be maintained in marine aquariums. Fishes from slightly alkaline water, such as Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika are recommended between 8 and

8.5 pH. Garden ponds pH levels between 7 and 8.5 are considered beneficial.

How to administer Advitan pH Minus?

Determine the kH value before applying Advitan pH Minus. kH value should be at a minimum of 2 dkH.If necessary, amend the kH value using Advitan kH Booster to increase the kH level. Then apply Advitan pH Minus accordingly.


Do not drastically lower the pH value at one time. Lower it gradually over time.

pH value is exponential. pH value from 6.0 to 7.0 is 10 fold. pH value from 6.0 to 8.0 is 100 fold.

Lowering pH levels from high kH values requires the additional application of Advitan pH Minus for several days to reach the desired level.

For required slightly soft acidic water condition for respective species, using Advitan T-C-E is beneficial.

High nitrate levels reduce pH values in fresh and saltwater aquariums, including garden ponds. High nitrate levels promote unwanted algae bloom and/or encourage cyanobacteria growth.

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What is Advitan pH Minus?
Advitan pH Minus is a conditioner for the decrease of pH levels
(hydrogen ions) in freshwater aquariums.

Why use Advitan pH Minus?
The well-being of aquarium inhabitants including aquatic plants depend to a large extent on the pH level being kept as constant as possible, and also depending on the fish species in the aquarium. Many dissolved substances in the water are also liable for the cause of pH level. In particular, avoid fluctuations in the pH level.

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