Magnesium Chloride 47% – 100 gm


Product Name: Magnesium Chloride
Features: Hexahydrate with 46 weight percent magnesium chloride. Provides good source of soluble magnesium and electrolyte.
Suitable for: Amendment / Adjustment
Applications ????????? Fresh_ Saltwater aquarium

????????? Planted aquarium

????????? Rockwool culture

????????? Substrate culture

????????? Soil / Soilless culture

????????? Hydroponic culture

Item No: 64967

Item No: 96974

100-gm granules

250-gm granules

Dosage As required
Caution Forms strong salt solution when dissolved in water.
Packaging Includes 1g dosing spoon.

Additional information

Weight 7.48 g
Dimensions 20.32 x 15.24 x 10.16 cm


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