Advitan E-Lytes


Advitan E-lytes adjusts and/or amends the necessary electrolytes as required for respective species.

How to administer Advitan E-lytes?

Di?erent species have their unique electrolytes requirement.

The following species thrive better in higher electrolytes levels (5-ml per 151 liters/40 gallons of aquarium water.)

Live bearers: guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails.
Coldwater ?shes: gold?sh, koi.
Tanganyikan cichlids
Brackish water ?shes: half beaks, gobies, monos, pu?ers, scats.
All marine ?shes and invertebrates.

The followings species require moderately low electrolytes level (5-ml per 302 liters/80 gallons of aquarium water):

Egg layers: algae eaters, angel?sh, barbs, bettas, catfish, cichlasoma, danios, discus, dwarf cichlids, gouramis, killi?shes, loaches, oscars, panchax, plecostomus, rainbow ?shes, sharks, rasboras, tetras.

Notes: Double the dosage while ?shes are in quarantine is recommended. Use Advitan Cal-Mag Plus for shrimps and other crustaceans

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What is Advitan E-lytes?
Advitan E-lytes contains electrolytes ? Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, and Potassium.

Why use Advitan E-lytes?
Electrolytes play an important role for all ?shes; they regulate the osmotic pressure in cells (control the balance of ?uids in the body) and help maintain the function of muscle and nerve cells.
Insu?cient electrolytes impairs body functions ? muscle weakness and contractions, twitching, erratic movements, incurved body, etc.
Water from reverse osmosis ?lters do not contain electrolytes. Most municipal tap water has insignificant levels of electrolytes.

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