Calcium Nitrate – 100 gm


Product Name: Calcium Nitrate
Features: Calcium 19% Nitrate 14.5%
Suitable for: Amendment / Adjustment
Applications ????????? Aquatic plant culture

????????? Rockwool culture

????????? Substrate culture

????????? Soil / Soilless culture

????????? Hydroponic culture

????????? Others

Item No: 64912

Item No: 64929

Item No: 94936

250-ml liquid: 5ml concentrate @0.0095 mg/l of Calcium, and 0.008 mg/l of Nitrate

100-gm granules

250-gm granules

Dosage As required
Guide For correcting calcium and nitrate deficiency, and adjustment
Caution Apply only to diluted working solution. Do not mix with other stock or concentrated solution.

Additional information

Weight 13.48 g
Dimensions 20.32 x 15.24 x 10.16 cm


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