Advitan Cal-Mag Plus 120 ml


Advitan Cal-Mag Plus aids the shedding of the crustacean

exoskeleton (shell) to provide new healthy exoskeleton. The transformation process is also known as molting.

Advitan Cal-Mag Plus promotes spawning of these crustaceans.

How to administer Advitan Cal-Mag Plus?

In a dense population, simply add 5-ml to every 38 liters / 10 gallons of aquarium water initially. Thereafter, add half dose weekly or proportionately after every water change.

It is important to close the bottle immediately after dosing.

Store in a cool dark place or refrigerate after opening.

Notes: Advitan Cal-Mag Plus for shrimps and other crustaceans does not contain potassium. It is recommended for all crustaceans.

Ornamental shrimps require biologically clean water. Excessive ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels are detrimental to their living condition.

Plants in abundance can help to reduce the biomass overload. Regular monitoring with partial water changes is recommended. Overfeeding is discouraged.

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What is Advitan Cal-Mag Plus?
Advitan Cal-Mag Plus is a supplementary conditioner specially formulated for ornamental shrimps and other crustaceans. It contains calcium, magnesium, electrolytes, trace elements and multivitamins.
Why use Advitan Cal-Mag Plus?
Advitan Cal-Mag Plus enhances healthy growth and prevents bounce deficiencies of micronutrients and trace elements.
The formulated multi-vitamins, trace elements, and minerals are readily provided for and synergistically assimilated.

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