Advitan Solution


“Municipal tap water destroys every aquarium’s environmental living conditions for fish, aquatic animals, plants, and their beneficial micro-organisms”

An easy holistic approach, that restores fresh and salt-water aquariums to a safe and healthy living environment for your pets, plants and their micro-organisms

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 Advitan Solution is a 6-in-1 aquarium water conditioner. It immediately takes control of the municipal tap water preventing harm to living organisms in fresh-and saltwater aquariums.

Advitan Solution reconditions the standard tap water used, thereby providing safeguards and more …


Advitan Solution reduces fish stress, because it:

  • Neutralizes the harmful effects of chlorine, chloramine, toxic metallic ions and fluoride
  • Protects fish mucous membranes
  • Enhances the well-being of livestock including plants in the aquarium


Applications include:

  • Initial aquarium set ups
  • During water changes
  • Transportation of livestock
  • Intoxication from biomass overload
  • Arrival from long duration of transportation

Advitan Solution contains vitamins, essential minerals and botanical extracts, for optimization of aquatic animal well-being.


  • A concentrated bottle of 120-ml bottle is sufficient for 240 US gallons (908 liters) of standard* tap water.
  • Due to its concentration, always keep the product away from children and household pets.
  • Always close the bottle immediately after dosing.
  • Refrigerate or store in a dark cool place.
  • Best before finishing nine months after opening.
  • Natural color variation may occur and does not affect the product efficacy.




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