Advitan Root Lush – Aquatic Plant Root Nutrient NPK 15-7-15 (25 capsules)


Unlike terrestrial plants, aquatic plants, assimilate nutrients via their leaves and roots. Liquid nutrients supplements, Advitan Mirco Lush1 and Advitan Macro Lush2, provide optimal nourishment for the leaves. Depending on the substrate for sustenance is often insufficient. Advitan Root Lush provides nutrient enrichment for the root uptake.


What is Advitan Root Lush?
Controlled release nutrients for aquatic plant root growth
Encapsulated, Advitan Root Lush provides a complete nutrient supplement, with multi-vitamins ? pathways for biosynthesis.
Advitan Root Lush reliably and effectively controls the availability of nutrients for plant uptakes by regulating the release into the substrate. The rate of diffusion ? release rate ? depends upon and dictated by the substrate temperature. The Release rate increases as temperature rises. Each capsule normally lasts about 4 months at 21C. No residues are left after the release is complete

Additional information

Weight 24.5 g
Dimensions 24.4 × 14.9 cm


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