Advitan Miracle T-C x12


Why use Advitan Miracle T-C

Advitan Miracle T-C offers fishes that requires slightly soft acidic environment ? betas gouramis, rasboras, barbs, rainbow fishes, etc. Also ideal for fishes from South American regions.
The leaves in Advitan Miracle T-C contain natural trace elements, conductive for these species to thrive.
Advitan Miracle T-C buffers alkalinity and softens aquarium water naturally.

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What is Advitan Miracle T-C
Advitan Miracle T-C is made from Terminalia Capatta (Indian Almond Leaves)
Sealing in sachets, Advitan Miracle T-C Provides convenience, easy to use, – without causing a mess in aquariums.
This product is great for creating a more comfortable soft acidic environment for a variety of fish species especially those from the South American regions.

Additional information

Weight 24.5 g
Dimensions 24.4 × 14.9 cm


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