Advitan Macro Lush2


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In planted aquariums without fish or with few fish, apply “Macro Lush 2” at regular intervals. Apply  while the aquarium lights are switched off.

Contains macro_micro nutrients and trace elements. Formulated with nitrate and phosphate to provide the utmost health and vitality.

A 120-ml/4.06-oz. bottle of “Macro Lush 2” is sufficient for 1817 liters or 480 gallons of a densely planted aquarium.

5-ml  of “Macro Lush 2” for 10-gallon water provides a chelated iron value of 0.16 ~0.17 mg/l

Macro Lush 2” can be used in conjunction with “Micro Lush 1” in aquariums populated with moderate fish density.  Dose separately. Do not overdose.


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It is beneficial to monitor the iron level frequently. Values between 0.1 and 0.2 mg/l is normally adequate for good plant growth. Initial value of up to 0.5 mg/l can be useful for intensive planted aquarium. A reliable iron test kit, able to detect chelated iron is essential.

Symptoms of deficiencies:

Iron: Yellowish leaves between the veins. Ideal values: 0.1 – 0.2 mg/l

Magnesium: Yellowish leaves between the veins (old and young leaves). In-curved leaves.Idea values: 5 – 15 mg/l

Calcium: stunted growth, curly and falling leaves, discoloration in new leaves. Idea values: 10 – 15 mg/l

Potassium: Stagnant plant growth, limpy foliage. Ideal values: 5 – 9 mg/l






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